• michalgregus


Isn’t that the truth! I firmly believe that. And while in my younger years I have definitely indulged in trying to runaway from my problems, distract, move or hide from myself…I no longer think doing that does what it at first seems will accomplish. But we all know that.

A friend of mine, who I know loves and cares about me, asked me before my last camping trip if these nature adventures that I am doing aren’t just escapes from life, from dealing with shit, a distraction and just a way to get away and shut off from the world. To be antisocial and a recluse.

So I said to him, he is right about one thing. It is a way to get away and shut off from the world, but it’s not to escape from dealing with what life throws at me, but the opposite- it’s to acknowledge it and face it. For me getting away from the daily noise and spending some time in solitude let’s me actually feel and hear what the hell is going on with me. I, on purpose, apply here the “wherever you go there you are” principal. I take my problems to nature. Because there are no distractions, no bullshit, no one to impress or please. It’s just me with my thoughts. It allows me to go thru everything that’s been bothering me, keeping me up at night, or making me take afternoon naps because I am depressed over it. I look at how I handled certain situations that for some reason stuck with me (usually it’s because I handled them poorly and feel either guilty or stupid), relationships… all of it. There I give all that’s going on in my head and in my life the proper attention it deserves. So I can become a better friend, better boss, and better partner… But ultimately to become a better me so that next time, when faced with similar situations, I don’t cause any stress, anxiety, depression or pain to anyone, including myself.

For me, my friend, solitude is not an escape from life, but rather time and space where I acknowledge it with all its ups and downs. A space to be true to myself, to understand, to heal and get stronger.

And he said : “Oh, ok. I just wanted to make sure…”

© 2020 by Michal Gregus