• michalgregus


I have noticed now more than ever, even if we start something out of passion, for fun or just pure joy, it turns into something different very fast because of the times we live in and the conditioning we experience daily. Just take social media for instance… I started it because I wanted to keep and share memories of doing what I enjoy with people I like and really just for me… Just like for anyone else, it didn’t take me long before I realized what people “like” because, well it’s very easy to see. I remember the instant switch in me. The desire for having thousands of followers took over and I realized the way to get them was posting lots of sexy shirtless pictures. Giving them  what they like, what they respond to. Turning myself into commodity. A thing. None of this had anything to do with what brought me joy or who I really was. I was feeding into people’s fantasies, and they were feeding my ego. Not realizing that by doing so I was giving them so much power, and also that none of those people cared. They just saw a piece of meat. They didn’t care whether I was ok, happy, not even who I really was, as long as I gave them what they wanted. All my authenticity was gone. I was no longer doing it for me and there was nothing sincere or joyous about it.  I became a slave to it. And I have a slight feeling I might not be the only one…

Recently, I overheard a conversation of two 20-somethings at the table next to me, where one was refusing posting picture of the two friends because it wasn’t along the line with her “brand”. I could hear her friend’s heart crushing… This is the World we live in. We make young innocent people believe that being liked and admired by strangers is more important than liking and respecting ourselves, and building meaningful relationships. We are selling our souls. Being rich and famous is the ultimate goal now, instead of being authentic and doing what brings us joy… I blame the Kardashian Hollywood and social media for all that. It brought greed and vanity around the world to a whole different level at a speed that didn’t exist before. Call me old fashioned. We no longer care about others, and the value of human life is drastically outweighed by the value we put on things and appearances.

After getting thru some dark moments, because of everything I wasn’t, based on the comparisons I did daily on social media, I took a month long break from all that toxic energy. I deleted all the social media apps from my phone. My anxiety level went down from 100 to probably five. And I felt at peace. I sobered up and realized my life doesn’t depend on it, my worth doesn’t depend on it and my happiness most definitely doesn’t depend on it. Quite the opposite. After that experience I went back to doing things that bring me joy and doing them for me. Not for them. I regained my joy and reignited my passion by doing what makes me happy. Ultimately attracting the same kind of people who share the same passions, values and outlook on life. It’s so refreshing being able to build new deep connections rooted in joy. Do I still have moments of struggle with this once in a while? Absolutely. But I always ask myself if what I am doing is for me or for them.  And that helps. A lot.

© 2020 by Michal Gregus