• michalgregus


I have learned that part of letting go and exhaling the bad stuff is not just breathing exercises and de-cluttering our surroundings.

It’s also about letting go of my incorrectly formed beliefs and myths that formed over centuries, and being honest with myself. Because as soon as I did, I could truly exhale, let go and not drive myself crazy for blindly following others or living my life according to some made up stories.

One of the myths I believed was that Life Is Fair: It is not.

There I said it. You’re probably mad at me now, huh? But it’s a simple fact.

Not everyone always gets what they deserve, the best doesn’t always win, things don’t always turn out for us the way we believe to be fair (that’s also highly subjective). That’s just how life is. And it’s ok. So I stopped driving myself mad. Once I told myself this simple truth out loud and remind myself of it when needed, I changed my approach to life and freed myself of unnecessary stress, disappointments and frustrations.


© 2020 by Michal Gregus