• michalgregus


I wanted to spend some time near or on a river this summer. My friend suggested we head up to Northern California and spend some time on the Russian river. We ended up in a tiny town called Guerneville. I have never been to this part of California before but heard wonderful things.

Nestled in beautiful wine country, surrounded by stunning nature, the setting was ideal. I wanted to enjoy little quiet time and didn’t know what to expect as I often find it hard to find solitude when not completely removed from the World.  We stumbled upon this hotel that offered glamping tents, with outdoor showers backed right into the woods. The decision couldn’t have been better. Staying at BOON hotel (camp) was a whole new experience. The hotel alone is really wonderful and all the amenities and service were awesome, but the tents are something else. Just wonderful. Surrounded by absolute tranquility and sounds of nature, with the occasional squirrel or blue jay coming by to finish whatever was left over on the breakfast tray I left in front of our tent. Oh, did I mention they served breakfast in bed every morning? Fresh biscuits, delicious coffee and good energy. 

I had wonderful time exploring the nature, hikes and the river near by, but I can honestly say, laying on the bed in my tent with a book,or a journal letting the wind and the little rays of sun come thru were my favorite moments. Uninterrupted.  I couldn’t help but feel joy and peace.

It was hands down one of the most perfect experiences.  So next time you find yourself in that area I suggest you give it a shot. I highly recommend it.

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