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Syme Hut (New Zealand)

New Zealand is hands down the most beautiful place I have visited so far. There is no shortage of stunning vistas, wonders of nature and the nicest people.  But even here, after seeing so much of it,  there are still places that can take make my heart melt…

Featured image and this photo by: Logan Vicker

Perched on the top of Fanthams Peak high on the slopes of Mt Taranaki, Syme Hut is arguably Egmont National Park’s best overnight spots. On fine days you can enjoy spectacular views of the Taranaki region followed by stunning sunsets. Aaaah and the solitude…. Imagine watching the sun going down at THIS beautiful spot. And then curling up in bed in this fairytale cabin. No reservations needed. It’s first come, first served.

Photo by: Tom Powell (@tom_powell_photo)

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