• michalgregus


Sooo I fell like I need to clarify something as based on some of the messages I received in the past couple of weeks there is obviously some confusion as to what soulitude means and what I advocate for.

I am not a lonely monk who removed himself from society and spends all his time alone. I am just a dude who understands that alone time is good for you. For dozens of reasons.

Soulitude doesn’t mean being alone ALL THE TIME. But in the world of constant noise, distraction and over stimulation, solitude is about finding even if 20 minutes a day just for yourself. Away from the noise. In silence. Listening to what’s happening inside you and just allowing yourself to decompress and have some clarity. Which is good for your soul. You can be having fun and enjoying the company of the people you love, and still find soulitude. Even when I am camping or adventuring with my friends (which is often), I always make time to step away and find some peace and quiet for myself. It’s that simple. And the thing I noticed about soulitude is, the more I do it, the more I crave it. It brings the necessary balance to my life and by doing so allows me to connect with others much deeper on a more authentic level. Because by spending time with yourself whether you want it or not, almost by default, you’ll actually get to figure out who you are and make peace with it.

So let me make it clear again, soulitude can be 20 mins, an hour or a whole weekend, spent alone in silence (for me ideally in nature) Taking deep breaths, pushing thru the discomfort without trying to reach for your phone every time you feel anxiety or uneasiness approaching. Now go out and try it. And you can totally thank me later.

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