• michalgregus


My last birthday I decided to do something I have never done before – to ring it in alone. In the past, I’m sure I would’ve felt like I was going to miss out on a lot. But I have really grown to appreciate solitude   this past year and the craving for being solo on my actual birthday grew stronger the closer it got. I wanted some time and space just to quietly reflect on the year that’s now gone… see what I’ve learned, whether I’ve grown etc…and take it all in.

I feel like we get so caught up in the whole celebration planning and organizing, and then of course making sure everyone is having a good time, that we forget that it’s actually our birthday and never really take even a moment to acknowledge it. Because of our conditioning we often do things we don’t really want to do just to impress others, ending up feeling empty and unfulfilled, drinking too much, behaving like fools just to get some sort of attention on our own birthday. I have done all that, and it never really turned out the way I imagined or expected. So I figured trying to do it without any external validation might be a good change….

Joshua Tree felt like the perfect place…plus I finally had a reason to book this cabin I have  dreamt about staying in for a loooong time. (I tend to spend hours on Airbnb  daydreaming and finding places I want to experience.) The place felt just right. It was so peaceful, simple and remote enough for what I needed.

There was something magical about the whole experience. The whole energy of the cabin made me feel at peace. I turned my phone off, no music, no artificial noise. Just nature.  I watched the star covered sky for hours the night before I turned a new leaf, then woke up before the sunrise, walked outside my cabin and just stood there. I felt the sun rays slowly cover me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet as it was rising. I couldn’t help but feel anew. As the sun completely covered me, I quietly whispered to myself, “Happy Birthday.”

I then sat outside on the beautiful verandah, watching the sun change the colors of the sky and the whole area around. I spent the day hiking and journaling and it turned out to be the best birthday to date. I couldn’t have picked a better spot for this.  I returned back to LA with much more clarity and convinced that’s how I would like to spend my actual birthdays from now on.

© 2020 by Michal Gregus