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Getting tothis cabin was one of the most epic and fun days ever, driving for several hours in a crazy rain storm with very strong wind (almost like it was trying to force me to drive on the other side of the road). I made a stop at a waterfall I wanted to see and remember trying to run out of the car. I could barely open the door as the wind kept pushing it shut. When I finally got out, running against it was no joke. I was basically standing in the same place. So the five-year-old in me decided that jumping as high as I could would be a great idea….aaaaand it was. Every time I jumped the wind kept throwing my body a couple feet back. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was an absolute bliss – the rain in my face, just the pure force of the wind that was blowing me away and blowing the waterfall upstream in the most beautiful setting (pic below). It’s moments like these that I treasure. I made it back to the car after snapping some pics, completely soaked and happy.

Not before getting lost twice (my favorite activity btw) did I finally arrive at the cabin. As I looked around, I realized this place took being alone in the middle of nowhere to a whole different level. I parked the car and walked in. It instantly felt like I was inside an adventure novel. The rain, the moody sky and the view of the Atlantic Ocean were nothing short of magical. And the silence. oh the silence was like a deep tissue massage for your soul.  I could spend months here. Alone. reading or even writing a book. Or cuddled up with someone I love. I have never experienced such a remote and peaceful place. It was so romantic. The photos on the website and description don’t do it justice. It was the most perfect setting with everything I could possibly need. Grateful I got to spend at least one night here…

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