My story started with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and not belonging as a gay man. All of which, by some magic, led me to long silent walks in the mountains. I think those walks saved me. Nature has its powerful ways of healing us.

After finding solid ground under my feet and sharing my stories, it was clear to me that I wasn’t alone with these struggles in our community. I also realized that being a highly sensitive person wasn't a burden but rather a gift that allowed me to have a deeper understanding of human nature - our collective struggles and desires. This inspired me to immerse myself in meditation, studies of stress management, psychology and holistic healing therapies to heal and to become a better guide to others who seek more clarity and peace.

We live in a world that’s designed to keep us constantly distracted from being with ourselves. I am here with the hope to inspire you and help you facilitate that escape to nature from everyday noise, so you can explore within, and understand yourself better. To feel more content, calmer and connected to who you are. To xhale all the tension, worries and anxiety. To let go of shame and habits that no longer serve you; so you too can start healing and clearly see that you, in fact, are enough.

"Michal is my guru. I've worked with him both one-on-one and in a group setting and every time, he brings life altering clarity to my world. Whether you're dealing with day to day stress, not taking care of yourself or a season of personal struggle, I have no doubt Michal can bring you back to center. His guidance, breathing techniques, homework assignments & understanding of humanity have literally changed my life."



"I feel like my soul got a deep tissue massage. I really love what he does. I don't say this often but Michal has something very special. I have a restless soul and his guidance somehow tamed it. It speaks volumes... thank you thank you thank you"

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“Michal is a gentle yet powerful soul; and a captivating guide. Time with him helped me so much. I felt clear, rested and positive. I was actually able to release the scary thoughts that have been plaguing me and it felt so good.”





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