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Jenna Abrams

/ Shutters on the Beach

The day after TimeOut I was driving to work and I thought to myself; today I will not worry about tomorrow, today I am going to be in the moment and make today a great day. I made this intention in the car on a Monday morning. I have never, ever, ever done this before – made an intention in such a committed way. Class sparked something in me. I felt clear, rested and positive. I was actually able to release some of the scary thoughts that have been plaguing me recently and it felt so good. Michal is a gentle yet powerful soul; he is a captivating guide. One session helped me so much, I am really excited to feel how I am going to feel in a month from now.

Marie Soto

Executive Producer

I feel like my soul got a deep tissue massage.I really love this so much. I don't say this often but you have something very special. I have a restless soul and you somehow tamed it. It speaks volumes... thank you thank you thank you

Chris Tompkins


Experiencing TimeOut is something I would recommend to anyone. In my line of work, I teach people the importance of self-care and TimeOut is the type of self-care that everyone could use. Whereas a massage is good for just your body, TimeOut is good for your body AND mind. It's effects are much more lasting because it incorporates the subconscious mind with meditation and a little hypnosis. Not only will you leave relaxed and truly TimeOut, but you are using the power of your subconscious mind to plant seeds and let go of stress.

Jahmelia Lindsay

yoga master / YogiHustle

Oasis in the city" is how I would describe the TimeOut experience. I have an extremely busy schedule and I find that when I attend a guided meditation like TimeOut my thoughts are better organized and ultimately I am more efficient. On the days I make it to TimeOut my quality of life is better. TimeOut is a Los Angeles gem- thanks Michal!

Molly Sims

Actress, Model, Mom

"I know that high stress is just part of the deal as a busy working mom. Managing both office life and home life is a challenge, but when my home life began to feel completely unorganized... (just walking around my house gave me anxiety!) ...my stress level was through the roof! I knew I had to call my friend, Michal Gregus, who is a stress management specialist. His approach to reorganize, de-clutter, and de-stress my life, was exactly what I needed. With his help, my house is lighter, my family is happier, and I am back to feeling completely and totally organized! I highly recommend Michal to all my friends and family!

Keith Tyndall

Director, Enterprise Marketing / Cornerstone OnDemand

We brought Michal in for a global department offsite to help us connect with new techniques and mindfulness around stress management. With our large group, he held a great discussion on how stress affects our daily lives and working relationships as well as a TIMEOUT session. Everyone loved the session and the insight Michal provided. I absolutely recommend him for any corporate or group session.

Beth Helmstetter

Principle Event Designer

Michal is my guru. I've worked with him both one-on-one and in a group setting and every time, he brings life altering clarity to my world. Whether you're dealing with day to day stress, not taking care of yourself or even just in a season of personal struggle, I have no doubt Michal can bring you back to center with his sessions. His guidance, breathing techniques, homework assignments & understanding of humanity have literally changed my life.

Mia Davidson

/ Laguna Beach

After attending the Timeout class a few times, I was so happy with the results that I invited him to come down to Laguna Beach to lead a session for my annual end-of-summer “girl gang” weekend. Guiding us through the relaxation class en plein aire was both enlightening and fun. The session left us clear headed, refreshed and it was such an affirmative experience, that with the tools he taught us, we were ready and able to go back to tackle our regular lives with renewed gusto. The weekend was unanimously the “best ever” with Michal’s session playing a large part in its success. Thank you Michal!